Recently I attended a seminar reviewing the latest advances in dental care required during radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment.

The complications that can occur if you have not attended to your dental health prior to treatment commencing, can be life changing. Side effects of chemotherapy tend to last the duration of treatment and then resolve. Side effects of radiotherapy however can last for the duration of treatment and sometimes for a lifetime.  But with good dental treatment and excellent oral health, mostly you can avoid oral complications altogether.

Complications vary depending on the location and intensity of treatment.  These can include Oral Mucositis as the most common. It presents as inflammation and redness developing into ulcerations which can be painful. Fungal infections and bacterial infections can intensify the mucositis.  Xerostomia or a decrease or loss of saliva flow can make it difficult to speak, eat and swallow and can predispose to dental cavities. There can be difficulty in opening the jaw and changes in taste.

We have developed simple but effective preventative dental daily routines that can help you manage, control and often avoid the above complications. Remember to start your dental treatment as early as possible. Any extractions, root canals or fillings must be completed at least 14 days prior to radiotherapy or chemotherapy commencing so proper healing can occur. We are supported by new Biotene products that will aid you in your daily routine.

Preventative dental care is affordable and can help you avoid some serious dental complications. Call today if you have any question and need a helping hand.

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