Are you eligible for Dental Treatment covered by the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, SACM dental coverage?

Leichhardt Street Dental has been treating patients for many years, that are eligible for Dental Coverage from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, SACM.  Your initial appointment will involve a thorough dental examination and 2 bitewing x-rays.  With this information we are able to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that is eligible for payment by the SACM.  You can submit this treatment plan, or we can submit the plan on your behalf to the SACM.  Once SACM has given their approval for our Brisbane Dentist to perform the treatment, we can book in your appointments and complete your treatment.

Dr Barbara Szylkarski: ” I feel very blessed to have met so many families and their amazing children over the years and learnt so much about their culture.”

Leichhardt Street Dental Practice is a Brisbane Dentist located in Spring Hill close to the city. We have easy free parking right near our front door and it is very easy to get to our practice by car or public transport.  We have treated many families, husbands, wives and children at our Spring Hill Dental Practice.  We are a cosmetic focused practice as well as a health care focused dental practice.  Dr Barbara Szylkarski is a meticulous Australian trained Brisbane Dentist who has trained with world wide dental experts.  She also has a family of 3 children and understands the care and compassion that is essential to treating children and all family members.  She performs simple and complex cosmetic dentistry, crowns and white fillings and surgery to meet your expectations.  Once treatment is complete we claim through SACM directly based on the treatment guarantee provided by SACM.

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We are an Accredited Dental Practice and a Member of the Australian Dental Association

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