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The latest technology, like the WAND numbing are some of our leading techniques for comfort and enjoyment.

The Wand

We use a computerised anaesthetic system delivering pain free numbing. It uses an advanced computer chip designed to accurately measure out the anaesthetic according to what is needed at any point in time.  This avoids the pressure feeling that comes from anaesthetic being deposited too quickly into the gums with the traditional metal hand held systems.

This very gradual release of anaesthetic enables the Wand to perform as a pain minimising solution to numbing teeth.

If you are an anxious dental patient, we hope you will give this leading edge numbing technology a try, and experience how it will make a difference to your visit. If you are extremely anxious, then we can also combine this with Nitrous Oxide Sedation and help manage those fear barriers you may have visiting the dentist.  

Every surgical or invasive procedure caries risk and may not be suitable for everyone.

Learn more about The Wand in our blog post.


Nitrous Oxide Sedation

We are very excited to offer a fully equipped “laughing gas” system, for those who are apprehensive visiting the dentist. The advantage of “laughing gas” sedation is that in most situations it allows for quick recovery. Other common oral sedatives can leave you sedated for up to 24 hours, and are not suitable if you don’t have the time to sleep it off, or have someone stay with your for the rest of the day.

“Laughing gas” is suitable for children and adults. It helps you feel relaxed and often also has a numbing effect in the mouth.

Every surgical or invasive procedure caries risk, sedation may not be suitable for everyone. 



Prior to placing fillings, fissure sealants or crowns, we use a dental micro-abrasion machine to remove food and plaque trapped on the surface of the tooth. Very often, this is not visible to the naked eye and can be left behind so restorations will not stick properly and will fall out. This improves the bond of your restoration, providing better longevity.



We also use a prophy-Jet to remove heavy staining that cannot be removed manually and this is also helpful to clean around braces. If you have heavy stains that never seem to come off, this is a wonderful invention to clean them away effortlessly.


High Quality White Fillings

It is the engineering and the technique that determines the quality of white fillings. Our dental fillings are completed with quality composite material from 3M. We use the incremental curing technique, that prevents cracking of the enamel. Using this method minimises the contraction of the material stopping it from pulling away from the side of the tooth. We do not substitute with fast setting glass ionomer white fillings as these wear easily under biting forces. Dr Szylkarski was trained by Dr Didier Dietschi an expert in white fillings based in Geneva. Our fillings in front teeth are reconstructed with three shades of material: dentine, body and enamel shades. We do not use one bulk colour for every filling.


Rotary Endodontics

Rotary Endodontics is the latest advance in performing root canal treatments. We offer the newly released OneWave system as well as Dentsply Protaper Next and do not substitute for cheap rotary copies.

Our rotary endodontic files for root canal treatments are also single use and disposed of upon completion of your treatment. While there is a cleaning protocol available, they are very difficult to clean. Having your own brand new sterile rotary files means there is no room for human error in the cleaning process.

We also use an Apex locator. This enables us to accurately determine the position of the end of the tooth root. We can then fill the root to the end. If a root canal is not filled to the end it has a higher chance of re-infection and an abscess may form. This methodology may be the difference between a successful and a failed root canal treatment.


SLR and intra oral photos of your teeth

We use Sirona technology, experts in the digital imaging field. The intraoral camera is a fast effective means of taking a photo for instant viewing. These images are also able to be emailed, so we can consult with specialists where required.

Photos of your teeth will help you understand your many treatment options.

We also use a Nikon SLR camera to take photos of the colour, position and shape of your teeth. These photos are sent to our ceramists to obtain an exact match for crowns, bridges and implants, or to change the teeth completely.

So if you have ever wondered what the inside of your mouth looks like, you will have the opportunity to see clearly what is going on.


Australian made crowns

Our crowns, implants and bridges are made by Norio Furuta of Live Ceramics Dental Laboratory at Southport. We never engage in the practice of sending our crowns to China as we believe there is no control over what metals or ceramics are used in the crown and if they have been approved for use in Australia. There is also no control over who is making the crown. We only supply Australian crowns which will offer you many years of service and used by well known experienced Brisbane Specialists.


Low Dose X-rays

We use low dose digital X-rays that provide a clear and instant image of your teeth at high resolution on the computer screen, which allows you to see and understand your teeth.

As the X-ray can be adjusted by the computer to get the image we want, you now only require a very low does of X-ray.


We are an Accredited Dental Practice and a Member of the Australian Dental Association

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