Enjoy gentle dental care from our experienced and award-winning dentist who always puts you first.

With 30 years experience in creating fabulous healthy smiles, Dr Barbara will work to exceed your expectations with personalised attention and clinical excellence.

We Make It Easy

Whether it’s getting your records from another practice, calling your health fund provider to ensure you’re properly covered, we offer a fuss-free service.

We Never Overbook

So you never have to wait to see your favourite dentist.

We’re Flexible with Treatments

We’ve got treatment plans that can be delivered in stages to suit your budget and at your preferred pace.

We Don’t Do Discomfort

Our state of the art dental wand gently numbs to keep you calm and relaxed.

We Care, Long after you’ve Left the Chair

Follow up calls, support and an “open door” policy is what our patients value.

We’ll Tell you Straight

You’ll enjoy honest advice from an award- winning dentist who explains everything in a simple, easy to understand way.

We’ll Make Sure you Visit us Less

By addressing underlying issues, we can help lower your lifetime dental costs, and keep you smiling longer.

We’re Family-Friendly

No matter what age, we’re here to make you feel welcome.