Broken Teeth and Cracked Fillings

Restore your chipped or broken tooth with fillings and create a smile you love!

Many of us throughout our life will suffer a broken tooth, chipped tooth or a damaged and broken filling. The tooth may have a history of dental fillings or it may be a brand new tooth. Alternatively, it may be a filling that has just got to the end of its life and needs to be redone.

At Leichhardt Street Dental we offer the best of modern dentistry at our Spring Hill clinic to help you restore your smile to its former glory.

Our female dentist, Dr Barbara Szylkarski says:

“The filling materials available to you today are extensive and require careful choice and meticulous techniques to make the material work for you in the best possible way. A dental filling material in one patient may not be the best choice in another patient”

What are the Different Types of Dental Fillings?

1. White Fillings are an extremely popular type of filling as they can be placed immediately. Dr Barbara has trained with a Swiss expert in White Fillings and chooses the white filling material with the best strength and minimal contraction properties, based on researched evidence.

White fillings:

  • Are designed for small to medium fillings
  • Are versatile and durable
  • Are conservative and affordable

You can read more about our White Fillings.

2. Porcelain or Ceramic Fillings are also popular as they look most like the natural tooth and are consider the most aesthetic of all the dental filling materials.

Ceramic Fillings:

  • Are designed for large fillings
  • Are more durable due to the increased strength
  • Take two appointments to complete.

You can read more about our Porcelain Inlays and Onlays.

3. Gold Fillings are less popular today as the ceramic fillings have largely replaced them due to the better aesthetics of ceramic fillings. However Gold is the ultimate material for longevity.

Gold Fillings:

•Are designed for both small and large fillings
•Are by far the most durable with an extremely long life
•Take two appointments to complete

We no longer place amalgam fillings and offer healthy holistic dentistry. Should your tooth experience a lot of damage, a crown may also be advised. You can learn more about our Crowns.

I broke my tooth or filling and now have pain – what is happening?

A tooth’s structure is sensitive, made up of lots of “pipes” that go straight to the nerve. These pipes are normally covered by enamel but when exposed with a break they can start to let in bacteria to inflame and sometimes kill the nerve. This makes the tooth very sensitive and even painful.

Sometimes, however, the nerve may not die straight away and there may not be immediate dental pain following a chipped tooth or broken filling, but the risk increases the longer the tooth is exposed.

We pride ourselves on being a trusted Brisbane dentist and encourage you to book a chat to discuss your personal situation, so we can find the best tooth filling option for you.

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