Dental Care During Cancer

At Leichhardt Street Dental Practice, our dentist has a special interest in the preventative dental treatment and care of patients requiring radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Dental Care for Cancer Treatment – Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

We provide the timely dental treatment required prior to therapy commencing and the intensive preventative maintenance required post therapy.

The side effects of chemotherapy tend to last the duration of treatment and then resolve. However, the side effects of radiotherapy can last the duration of treatment and sometimes for a lifetime.

The degree of oral complications vary with the location and also the intensity of treatment.


Common complications include:

  • Mucositis – Inflammation and ulceration of the mucous membranes (mouth and throat)
  • Fungal and Viral Infections
  • Xerostomia – decrease or loss of saliva
  • Changes in taste
  • Difficulty in opening the mouth due to inflammation in the muscles
  • Increased risk of dental decay

Our practice is supported with products from Biotene, Recaldent, GC and Colgate as well as the necessary information required to establish daily oral health routines for stable dental health.

We have also developed our own extensive protocol for providing dental care for chemo and radiotherapy patients.

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