Porcelain Onlays

Porcelain Onlays are an excellent alternative to white fillings.

They are most commonly used when large amounts of tooth structure is broken and cracked and particularly when a corner of a tooth is broken or when tooth structure is broken away or decayed away from between the teeth.

The biggest benefit to Porcelain Onlays:

1. They can be more conservative than crowns as you don’t need to cut away as much tooth structure to make them work.

2. They last a lot longer than white fillings once the filling becomes a very large white filling. White fillings are only designed to be strong and successful up to a certain size. Beyond that switching to a porcelain onlay or porcelain inlay can mean it will last a lot longer.

3. The porcelain surface makes onlays and inlays a superior shape and the best surface smoothness possible, replicating natural teeth.

The treatment involves preparing the tooth structure to a certain specifically designed shape and then taking an impression. This impression is used to replicate your tooth in the laboratory and the porcelain onlay or inlay is made on this model.

This is then returned to our Brisbane dental clinic in Spring Hill and cemented into the tooth. We use a master Ceramist on the Gold Coast, who’s attention to detail is irreplaceable, offering you a perfect end result. We find by using local Ceramist’s rather than a Ceramists in China to make the crowns we have a lot more control over the process for a superb end result.

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