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Is Teeth Whitening Right For You?

Teeth Whitening is one of our most popular services. You don’t have to pay a lot of money and have “Zoom Whitening” or “Laser Whitening”. In fact, we know the teeth whitening action comes from the gel not the light and this means it’s important to get it done right. Whether smoking, red wine, food, tea or coffee are the culprit for making your teeth stained and yellow or it’s just the natural yellow shade that you want whiter, our Brisbane dentist can help!

There are three types of Teeth Whitening (otherwise known as Teeth Bleaching) that we consider to be the best in teeth whitening:

We use the PolaDay and PolaOffice+ teeth whitening systems.

1. Take Home Whitening: Highly accurate impressions are taken of your teeth and custom made trays are made to accurately fit to your teeth. The teeth whitening agent is placed in the tray and inserted in the mouth. It is important that these trays fit accurately.

Many dental practices do not use the highly precise impression materials that we use to make these trays due to the high cost of the material. But Dr Barbara has found that the only way to ensure the whitening works its best is if the whitening agent is not contaminated by saliva.

Poor fitting trays will mean the saliva gets into the tray and the whitening gels are neutralized and ineffective, wasting your money. We also find our new modern whitening gels, rarely if ever cause sensitivity.

This method takes about 2 weeks to get the best teeth whitening.

2. In-chair Whitening: This involves placing a protective rubber barrier over the gums to stop any whitening gel touching the gums and then applying the extremely strong whitening gel to the teeth 3-4 times within the 1 hour appointment.

The in-chair also comes with a top up home kit for the 2-3 nights following. This is because the in-chair system whitens the teeth so fast that it can also drop back rapidly, so a couple of nights at home will keep the teeth whiter. This applies to ALL systems of whitening regardless if it is laser or light assisted whitening.

In clinic Whitening despite being sometimes three times the price are not the “best teeth whitening” but rather another form of teeth whitening which must be combined with take home whitening kits.

3. Single Tooth Teeth Whitening: This is a form of teeth whitening you rarely hear about. It is used if there is an individual root treated dark tooth. Teeth that are root treated can take on a dark appearance as there is often bleeding into the crown of the tooth when it originally died leaving blood pigments in the crown of the tooth.

The teeth whitening agent is placed into the back of the crown of the tooth and sealed in. After one simple treatment, the results are significant. Sometimes a second treatment maybe required, though very often once is sufficient. This can also be combined with the Take Home Whitening Kit or used alone.

NB: The take home teeth whitening will ultimately give you the same and sometimes better end result for less investment as compared to the in-chair whitening. However, the in chair system takes less time and is designed for those who want an instant result with little effort, but it must also be combined with a mini take home whitening kit for best results.

Learn more about how teeth whitening works here.

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