Tooth Gap Treatment

Teeth bonding to hide gaps between your teeth is a very easy and conservative cosmetic fix.

Teeth bonding can also be used to make narrow teeth appear a more normal size and shape.

Most commonly gaps can be found between the front teeth.  These are called diastema’s.  If you decide you don’t want braces to close the gap, the teeth can be built out to meet in the middle, closing this undesirable space.

The second most common use for teeth bonding to close gaps is on the lateral teeth.  These are second from the centre.  Many people genetically have mis-shaped laterals or very narrow teeth leaving gaps either side.  Teeth bonding is either done in conjunction with braces or separately.

The process is very conservative with only a roughening of the enamel surface required.  The colour of the teeth is matched up with the bonding resin which is bonded onto the tooth.  The resin is shaped and set and highly polished to match the shine of your natural teeth.

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