Toothache and Pain

A severe toothache and pain is a dental emergency that needs to be attended to promptly. 

A broken tooth especially a broken front tooth is a cosmetic dental emergency that also requires prompt attention. Call our dental clinic if you are in pain, have a broken tooth or lost a filling as soon as you can as we reserve time daily to allow for these types of urgent dental care.

We are located in Spring Hill and our Brisbane Dental Clinic is very convenient for parking. 

In the words of Dr Barbara Szylkarski:

“Why is my tooth painful is a common question we can answer following dental testing and sometimes x-rays.  For some people, teeth throb when they walk, for others there is more pain at night when lying down as the pressure from inflamed nerves increases.”

Why does my tooth hurt? 

1. The tooth may have a hole due to decay or because it is broken and the decay has got into the nerve.

2. The tooth may have had a large filling in the past and bacteria may have got into the nerve and finally caused it to die resulting in pain.

3. There maybe an abscess under the tooth.

4. It may be wisdom teeth that cause gum infections and facial swelling.  A swollen face is a severe dental emergency that requires IMMEDIATE treatment.

5. It may be painful gums all over your mouth because plaque and calculus have built up under the gums and over the teeth causing the gums to be swollen and painful.

6. Jaw pain can also sometimes feel like tooth pain. We have a fantastic help handout to improve your jaw pain and know a fantastic team of physiotherapists that can help.
Treatment can include a filling, a tooth extraction, a root canal or a thorough teeth clean all of which we can provide comfortably with our gentle, top quality care, planned to suit your budget.

toothache may start as just a background ache and you may think a little paracetamol can help stop the pain until it goes away. But if left untreated, you may miss the opportunity to fix the problem with a simple and inexpensive procedure. A filling may turn into a root canal treatment, an abscess may develop and fever and sickness may result from the infection, with the worst case scenario, the tooth may need to be extracted.

Have you also got a Broken a Tooth? 

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