White Fillings

At Leichhardt Street Dental Practice, we use high quality composite resin (white filling) materials, the latest technologies and techniques (developed by Didier Dietschi in Switzerland) which allows us to achieve successful, aesthetic and long lasting white fillings

How Tooth Fillings Help

Fillings are a common dental procedure that helps support a tooth by filling the part destroyed by tooth decay. The tooth filling restores the strength and integrity of the tooth and prevents future decay.

Why is the Type of White Filling Material Important?

White filling material technology has improved significantly allowing us to offer the best white fillings that are highly aesthetic and functional.  There a many types of white filling materials on the market, but the best ones are backed by research.  The stronger the material and the less contraction in the material when it is set means the filling will out perform poor quality materials and last much longer. Our Brisbane Dentists only use the highest quality composite resin that is tough and durable.

White fillings can be colour matched to the exact shade, texture and translucency of your natural tooth enamel. Our Dentist, Dr Barbara Szylkarski has been trained by Dr Didier Dietschi from Geneva to recreate fillings in back teeth that are sculptured to look like real teeth.  Higher quality white filling material will have better aesthetic properties.  The better the material, the better the chameleon effect (the ability of the material to change to match the teeth) and the better the end result.

Didier Dietschi has recently published a 16 year follow up article of composite resin bonded white fillings with the materials and the technique that is now the gold standard in bonded white filling placement.

How do we do White Fillings?

White Fillings can now preserve more tooth structure than the old silver amalgams. This is because composite resin is an adhesive material and does not require deep cuts into the tooth to adhere. This type of filling material also does not expand and contract in response to temperature changes (like silver fillings do),  which can help prevent your natural tooth structure from splitting and cracking.

After the cavity it prepared a dental adhesive is used to ‘glue’ the composite into the tooth achieving a water-tight seal protecting your tooth from further decay or damage.

We perform “direct dentine adhesion” as we believe this technique will outlast other techniques.  As the composite resin filling is bonded directly to the tooth and not intermediate layers,  the filling is placed with the best bonding strength.

Advantages of White Fillings

There are many advantages to white fillings, such as:

  • White fillings are a cost effective and conservative alternative to crowns and bridges.
  • White fillings are place on the same day and do not require a return visit.
  • White fillings are very versatile and can offer a conservative alternative to close gaps between teeth and to reshape teeth to be more aesthetic. This could be because the teeth are broken, chipped, or are worn significantly due to grinding or erosion.

For an alternative to white tooth fillings, you may consider porcelain fillings, also known as Porcelain Onlays or Inlays.

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