I often get asked how often do I need to have my teeth clean and check at the dentist?  In short, every one is different and we determine the time frame based on the health of your teeth.

Traditionally it was 6 monthly for a check and clean.  Over the last 20 years I have found that those that do attend regularly often have far healthier mouths than those who do not, and this observation is based on 6 monthly checks and cleans.

If you suffer from gum disease 3 or 4 monthly visits to have your teeth cleaned it very important in controlling the active phases of gum disease.  If we can control these phases, we hope to keep your teeth for life.  The more active phases you have, the sooner your teeth will lose bone around them, become mobile and fall out.

If you know you have a high sugar diet, consume excess soft drink and sport drink, then 6 monthly is critical.  You will most certainly be at higher risk of tooth decay, and catching this early will mean smaller holes in your teeth.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has perfect teeth and healthy gums, then we may even extend your visits to 12 monthly.


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