With the new school year now well on its way, and registrations open for many sporting teams that your kids may be looking forward to joining, it’s time to think about a sports mouthguard. You may be able to find the one from last year and dust it off, but remember that teeth move quickly in children and it is important that the mouthguard fits accurately.

Mouthguards should be worn for any contact sport where there may be a blow to the face by contacting other players, equipment or even the ground. They have been shown to considerably reduce or even eliminate possible injuries to teeth and jaws, avoiding extensive and potentially expensive damage.

The Australian Dental Association has recommended only custom fitted mouthguards as off the shelf store bought mouthguards have been shown to offer limited protection. Remember to wash your mouthguard after use and place it back in its clean hard container to protect it, avoiding heat and sunlight.


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