We  place Nobel Biocare implants, the most researched and successful implant in the world. Why settle for anything less?

If a tooth is missing or needs to be removed, you may choose to place an implant. In the past, the options were limited to a denture, usually a removable partial denture or a bridge. Whilst all three options continue to be excellent options for many different reasons, the great advantage of a dental implant is that it is a single tooth replacement, and it does not involve other teeth being drilled or joined together the way bridges and dentures do.

A titanium root-form (the implant) is surgically placed into the bone where the root used to be. The implant is allowed to heal for about 4 months. The implant is then tested to ensure bone healing has occurred and impressions are then made for the final crown and abutment (the piece that joins the crown and the titanium root).

Dental implants are more likely to have a shorter life and fail in cases of poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease, diabetics and in smokers. Some medical conditions may also contraindicate an implant.  But dental implants have been shown to last a very long time.

Every surgical or invasive procedure caries risk and may not be suitable for everyone


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