Leichhardt Street Dental Practice is an Accredited Dental Practice. This is a great achievement for our team and a reflection of our quality, innovation and performance.

What exactly is Practice Accreditation?

There are many rules, guidelines and recommendations that we all follow as Dental Practices. Some of these are mandatory and others are simply advisable but not mandatory. Queensland health may check on practices to ensure they are following the rules, but there is no formal process of checking on dental practices. To address this issue, the Government is working towards introducing Dental Practice Accreditation as a mandatory requirement to operate as a Dental Practice. This will ensure practices are following the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.

As part of this, the Australian Dental Association has asked for early adopters of the accreditation scheme. As a practice we were happy to be an early adopter, and have recently passed our first mid-cycle review, ensuring we continue with ongoing compliance against the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards. As part of our compliance we continue to seek any feedback you may have regarding our practice and have available a Charter of Patient Rights Policy which outlines how we operate. We are proud of our practice, so please ask for a feedback form or have a tour of our practice next time you visit.


We are an Accredited Dental Practice and a Member of the Australian Dental Association

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