Many of us know what teeth whitening is, but how does it actually work?  Knowing this will help you understand if it is right for you.

Teeth are discoloured due to large natural pigmented molecules that are trapped within the enamel and the dentine of the teeth.  The bigger these molecules and the more staining molecules that become trapped within them,  the darker the teeth appear.

All reputable whitening gels utilise hydrogen peroxide as the active end product.  Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water, hydrogen and oxygen ions, and free radicals.  These are the ingredients that whiten your teeth.

Initially there is oxygenation of the stain molecules which removes them from the tooth structure.  This then starts to whiten the teeth and allows the free radicals to then penetrate further into the tooth structure.  The further these can penetrate with each treatment, the whiter the teeth become.  These radicals break down the large pigmented molecules into smaller components that become colourless or white.

It takes treatment over a period of time for the effective removal of the debris within the tooth structure.  If the treatment time is too short, the free radicals will not penetrate into the tooth structure enough and will not whiten effectively.

Whitening today is safe and effective but requires a degree of commitment and some well fitting custom trays to prevent saliva contamination which stops the gels working.

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