There is far more to creating a smile then just the colour of the teeth.  The following will help you become an expert at analysing before and after images of teeth. When creating a smile the shape and position of teeth is based on symmetry, parallelism and mirror imaging.  These contemporary concepts of aesthetics are individualised for each persons smile.  Below is a brief outline adapted from an article by Dr Geoff Knight written almost 10 years ago but still relevant today,   of the initial landmarks we use to decide how to design your smile and shape your crowns, veneers and white fillings.

Mid-line –  The mid-line between the top front two teeth is in the middle of the smile and vertical. Shifts of more than a couple of millimetres can detract from the symmetry of the smile. (Red Line)

Lateral Emergence Profile –  The sides of the teeth are parallel and mirror images of each other with a slight inclination towards the midline. (Pink Lines)

Teeth Length, Width Proportions –  We call this the golden proportions where the lengths and widths of the teeth are in a certain proportion (the same proportions were used to build the columns of the Parthenon in Greece)

Smile Line –  The tips of the upper teeth, known as the smile line runs parallel with the lower lip. (Blue Line)

Gingival Line –  The gingival line, where the gum meets the teeth, runs parallel with the smile line but with slightly less curvature. This is critical if your gums are very visible when you smile. (Green Line)

Anterior Emergence Profile –  The side profile of the teeth is parallel with the side facial profile.  So when you look from the side of  the face, they follow the natural curve of the face.

Incisor Embrasures –  The size of the incisal embrasures (Grey Triangles)  and the angles of the incisal embrasures (Yellow Lines) increase from the midline outwards, they should be parallel and mirror each other.

So next time you see a smile that looks amazing like Megans, or indeed your own smile, it will most likely follow these rules.



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