The waterpik – water flosser,  makes it easier to turn flossing into an important part of your daily oral hygiene routine.  Flossing is important to clean in between your teeth and gums where your toothbrush alone can’t reach.  While nothing is as good as physically flossing with floss, the waterpik can help those who simply cannot floss.  It is also great if you have braces as you can wash the food away from around the braces.

What is a Water Flosser?

A water flosser, also known as a Waterpik or an oral irrigator, is an electric device that uses a stream of high pressure water to remove plaque and food debris from between the teeth and below the gum line.

An American dentist and an engineer designed the first oral irrigator. Its purpose was to help and encourage patients to clean their mouths at home and improve their oral health.

Marketed as easy and fast to use and effective in cleaning, the popularity of Water flossers has been noted of late. There is no clear scientific evidence as of yet, to say water flossers are as effective as traditional floss. However,  Water flossers when used correctly, can be a great addition to your daily dental hygiene routine.


Can a Waterpik Help Gum Disease?

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is the infection and inflammation of the gum that surrounds teeth. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease. It’s the inflammation of the gums when dental plaque is not cleaned away properly.  Gingivitis can be identified by red, puffy, bleeding gums.  The regular use of an oral irrigator, combined with brushing, can improve the health of gums and help treat the gingivitis in the early stages of gum disease.


Is a Waterpik Good for Braces?

When undergoing orthodontic treatment, such as braces, oral hygiene becomes challenging.  Not only does plaque easily accumulate between teeth and orthodontic components, it becomes tricky to floss.  Thorough cleaning is very important as problems such as gum disease and decalcification of the enamel (cavities) can occur around the braces.  The stream of water from an oral irrigator can easily access and effectively clean plaque and remaining debris from between wires, around brackets and in between teeth. This is much easier than trying to thread floss between brackets and wires where it can be very easy to give up on flossing.


Can I use a Waterpik to Clean Dental Implants?

Like real teeth, it is important to floss your dental implants. Maintaining good oral hygiene, is critical to the success of implants. Implants should last a long time, but they are more likely to fail with poor oral hygiene and in the presence of gum disease. A Waterpik can be used to clean around and in between Dental Implants and your gums, removing remaining plaque and debris.  It is better to floss, but a Waterpik is better than not flossing at all.


If you have any further questions about flossing or to see if water flossing is the right alternative for you, contact our Brisbane Dentist, at Leichhardt Street Dental Spring Hill.


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