What is Health Focused Dentistry?  

Health focused Dentistry is recognising the link between your dental health and the health of your body.   Having a healthy mouth goes beyond having a nice smile.

The Impact of Poor Oral Health

When you have gum disease there is a higher level of bacteria and plaque that enters the blood stream compared to healthy gums.

When the gums are bleeding and inflamed they no longer form a tight collar around the teeth.  A pathway is created for bacteria to pass straight into your blood stream.

This bacteria contains a clot-promoting protein, potentially increasing our risk of strokes and heart disease.

There is continuing and emerging evidence linking this bacteria to:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Low birth weight
  • Diabetes
  • Respiratory diseases

Oral bacteria aspirated by children have been shown to be associated with chronic coughs.  When aspirated by the elderly it has been shown to be connected to pneumonia.

Reputable studies have long demonstrated that oral health is significantly connected to fatal heart attacks.  (Janson et al. JClin Perio 2001;28:762-768.)

A recent study in the UK has found that addressing the oral health needs of diabetics immediately after diagnosis can lead to substantial savings in later medical treatment. As gum disease becomes more unstable, blood sugars increase leading to an increased risk of diabetic complications.

The FDI World Dental Federation on world oral health day spoke of studies showing up to 40% of people with gum disease reported having a second chronic health condition.

A Healthy Mouth is part of A Healthy Body.

Successful cosmetic treatments always start with an assessment of your dental health.  Having clear controls in place to prevent problems recurring, means your dentistry will have far greater long term success.  And excellent dental health means we can lower your risk of systemic complications from chronic health conditions.

In a healthy mouth function and aesthetics is very achievable.  Successful treatment outcomes is our goal that must incorporate a preventive dental health focus.


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