There are some great reasons to have a dental implant but also some reasons not to. If you have lost a tooth and want to replace and fill the gap or if you have an old root canal that did not work out and you now have to remove the tooth, then a dental implant may be for you.

It is by far a better option to keep your natural teeth with a root canal treatment if possible. Root Canals are a very successful dental treatment. But if you have a tooth that has become re-infected or if you have developed a crack in the tooth and a root canal will not work, then an implant could be your next best option.

Of course, there are reasons you may not be able to have an implant. If you have gum disease, a particular health condition, or a generally unhealthy mouth, then your implant will unfortunately fail. A healthy clean mouth with no other dental issues is critical to their success.

The best thing about an implant is it is fixed to the jaw, which means you don’t have to have a denture and you don’t have to have a destructive bridge involving three teeth. The implant works as a single tooth. Our Brisbane dentist prefers the German made implants – Nobel Biocare , due to extensive quality controls and evidence based research for success.

The cost of dental implants is relatively stable across most of Australia but can vary depending on the type of implant. You will certainly find cheap implants using cheap components, with the cost increasing as the quality of the titanium implant components increases. Most reputable implants will cost about $5,000. If a bone graft is required, or there are high cosmetic demands, this cost can increase to about $6,000.

Our Spring Hill dental professionals in Brisbane are well trained in the surgical placement and restoration of noble implants. Restorative dentistry is Dr Barbara’s passion; “when you can control the position of the implant by doing the surgery yourself, you will have better control over the restoration and a better cosmetic end result.”

If you want to discuss if a dental implant is right for you, book an appointment with our gentle, female dentist.

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