If you are someone that has tooth fillings every time you visit the dentist, we can help change this.  Preventive dentistry is one of the key concepts that must be adopted in a great dental practice.  It is at the core of our philosophy.   How great would it be to have only a check and tooth cleaning and not need tooth fillings anymore.

Measures you can take to stop getting holes in your teeth:


The first is fluoride. Not everyone likes fluoride, but we live in a world with high sugar diets,  it is one of the few preventive measures that is easy and affordable.  If you do not like fluoride then you must eliminate sugar from your diet.

Fluoride can be found in toothpaste, in our water supply and at the dentist.  We also offer high fluoride and calcium containing toothpastes, specially designed to stop you always having hole in your teeth.  With over 25 years experience,  we can vouch for how well they work.

Stick with the same Dentist

Staying with the same dentist for longer periods of time, means that teeth can be monitored more conservatively.  There are obvious holes in teeth that need fillings, there are the start of holes that do not need fillings, and then there are those on the borderline.

It is better to monitor borderline holes as you may actually find they never need to be filled.  Small and borderline holes can heal up with flossing, brushing and a little extra fluoride.  But each time you move dentist, the opportunity to compare changes is lost, and if in doubt the dentist is likely to do a tooth filling.

Floss your teeth and stop acidic and sugary drinks

Brushing your teeth twice a day is an obvious one.  But learning to floss is a hard to adopt habit.  A lot of holes are diagnosed from X-rays as they are found between your teeth. Flossing can help them heal, and a tooth filling will not be necessary.  Acidic drinks weaken enamel and sugary drinks will create the holes in your teeth.  These drinks can reach every corner of your mouth and easily bath all surfaces of your teeth in sugar.

Our Spring Hill Dental Brisbane team are here to help. We are a leading preventive and restorative near Brisbane CBD dentist with over 25 years experience in stopping our patients getting holes in their teeth.


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