Pola Day Teeth Whitening for a Brighter Smile

Pola Day Teeth Whitening is now available in 9.5% under instruction from our Dentist with your own personalized custom made whitening trays.

Brighten your smile with lasting results.

Over time and with age, our teeth can become discoloured.  There are a number of factors that cause this including age, smoking, coffee, red wine and even some medications.

Teeth whitening technology is now able to provide better whitening with less sensitivity both in the dental chair and in the comfort of your own home.

Our brand of choice is Pola by SDI, a leader in dental teeth whitening technology.  Pola is available in Day and Night formulations.  A night time formulation can work better for hard to whiten teeth and a day time forumlation works better if you want fast results.

Australian made Pola Day has been designed with patient comfort as its greatest priority.  It is a safe and easy to use teeth whitening system.

What is Pola Day Teeth Whitening Gel?

Pola Day is a hydrogen peroxide gel available in 6% for sensitive teeth, 7.5% for moderate teeth whitening and 9.5% for hard to whiten teeth.

The high viscosity gel is applied into our custom made mouth trays which helps retain the gel inside the tray.  The gel has a special combination of soothers, conditioners and a high water content which helps to reduce sensitivity and break down the years of internal enamel stains.

As a result, your teeth become brighter after each use. The gel also has antibacterial properties which has been shown to aid and improve gum health.

Achieve a brighter, whiter and confident smile at home with the Pola Day take home kit, our most popular system.  Or pop in and pick up some stronger Pola Day 9.5% gel for a convenient and faster top up, available here at Leichhardt Street Dental Practice for our patients who have completed the full whitening system with our practice.


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