Teeth whitening is now the most googled dental search term. So with all the sales pitches you see on television, online and in the supermarket, does whitening actually work? And how should I whiten my teeth?

Facts about Teeth Whitening:

•Light and laser assisted teeth whitening will not give better teeth whitening than affordable take home dentist kits – As a professor at a recent seminar said – “the whitening is in the gels not the light”. But in-chair whitening is great if you want white teeth fast!

•At home teeth whitening with excellent fitting dentist custom made bleaching tray ‘s is the best form of whitening for longer lasting whiter teeth.

Carbamide Peroxide will only work if used in custom trays for more than 6 hours as it has to convert to Hydrogen Peroxide to whiten. This is why Hydrogen Peroxide can be worn for shorter times.

•Supermarket teeth whitening products are not in contact with your teeth for long enough to work,  and ultimately will not whiten your teeth.

•Higher concentrations can, but will not necessarily give you whiter teeth.

•Teeth that are difficult to whiten may even take 6-12 months of constant whitening, something that is very difficult to maintain and achieve. But for most teeth whitening is quick, easy and affordable.

There are many different systems and brands on the market which contain the exact same teeth whitening ingredients.  What differ’s is the other products combined with the whitening ingredient.  We use the Pola Day system as it is less acidic, causes next to no sensitivity and is fast and effective.  So now you are an expert in teeth whitening you will be better able to make an informed decision on what you choose to whiten your teeth.

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