You know you are overdue to visit the dentist but like many people, you don’t like visiting the dentist.  Below are 4 reasons to help you take that first step to improving your dental health by managing your anxiety at the dentist.  Believe it or not, it is possible to change your experience at the dentist.

  1. Do you have a fear of needles?  If you require treatment we have the WAND – This is computerised numbing.   Using a small machine to carefully measure and dispense the anaesthetic, and a fine and delicate wand to administer the anaesthetic, means that numbing is now far more comfortable.   Invented by Milestone Scientific it still uses a very fine needle but with a topical cream applied prior to numbing the aim is to feel nothing at all.  We no longer use the traditional hand held syringes that can induce so much fear.
  2. Have you tried Laughing Gas?  Also known as  Nitrous Oxide sedation, it is very powerful at helping you relax during your appointment.  You remain awake but it reduces your fear and anxiety making it easier to be comfortable throughout your dental treatment.  It can also numb the mouth a little and at the end of your appointment, you return to normal.  Ask at your appointment if you are suitable for nitrous oxide sedation.
  3. You can also try Oraqix is an anaesthetic combination designed to deliver needle free numbing of the gums to enable better pain free teeth cleaning.  It is perfectly suited to those who find it very painful on the gums, when they have their teeth cleaned.  It wears off in 30mins,  returning that numb feeling to normal, usually by the time you have finished your appointment.  Ask at your appointment if you are suitable for Oraqix.
  4. Who can go past excellent Customer Service?  We pride ourselves on the very best customer service we can possibly provide.  Dr Barbara is a gentle, caring dentists with empathy that will help you understand your treatment plan and adjust it to your needs and desires.  Our practice is  architect designed and above all comfortable, designed to offer a relaxed home like feel.

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