The WAND numbing may help you manage your fear of the dentist.  The WAND is a computerised numbing system invented in America by Milestone Scientific.  Many people have an incredible fear of needles and a fear of the dentist.   The WAND  is designed to help you manage your anxiety and keep you comfortable.  Its shape and feel matches it’s name – The WAND!

Why use the WAND numbing?

The Wand is a highly advanced piece of technology that we have been using for many years in our practice.  When we look back at the old needle, we can see why you may have developed a fear of the dentist.   Feedback from our patients has been highly positive, with the Wand helping to minimise the discomfort during numbing.  It utilises a small computer chip that very carefully controls the flow of anaesthetic, and a feather weight hand piece to deliver the anaesthetic in a way that is very gradual and thus comfortable.

The Wand also offers different ways of numbing a tooth.  Traditionally the old dental needle cannot perform what is known as PDL numbing.  This numbing means you can numb up individual teeth and go without the entire face numb for many hours following the dental procedure. This is called “STA” and works by numbing the ligament around the individual tooth only, rather than numbing all the soft tissues such as lip and tongue around the tooth.  This is useful for some dental procedures where only one tooth requires numbing.  Ask our Dr Barbara our Brisbane Dentist next time you are in if this is suitable for you.

“It has positively changed the way we do dentistry as we aim to positively change the way you feel about going to the dentist.”– Dr Barbara Szylkarski

So take the first steps to getting back to looking after your teeth today.

We also have some tips to help you overcome your fear of the dentist.


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