Nothing is as good as keeping your teeth and it is disappointing to have no option to save the tooth, leading to the requirement of a dental implant. Today, root canal treatments are a fast and successful dental treatment that can save the natural tooth.

Unfortunately, pain from past root canal treatments have created anxiety and fear for many people. When a tooth is infected and very painful it can sometimes resist the anaesthetic and not numb properly. Now we apply double numbing via two different techniques which ensures you are completely numb and won’t feel any pain.

Once you are relaxed we apply rubber dam to the tooth. This isolates the tooth from the rest of your mouth and makes treatment very comfortable. The inside of the tooth is opened and the infected nerve and blood vessels are removed and the inside of the root is sterilised to kill the bacteria causing the pain. Dr Barbara uses the latest “rotary endodontic” techniques to make your treatment faster, easier and very precise.

Treatment normally takes two appointments, with an antibacterial dressing placed into the root between appointments. This means you will have a successful root canal allowing time for the tooth to heal, helping and minimising any pain from the root canal.  At the final appointment, the tooth is sealed with a natural rubber and the filling replaced.

At our Brisbane dentist, a root canal treatment is one of our most frequent procedures, a testament to Dr Barbara’s years of experience. Pain after a root canal happens in about 4% of cases, but knowing how to minimise pain and offer tailored help to control any unwanted pain is part of our exceptional services from our Spring Hill Dentist.

If you need a root canal treatment but are worried about the pain, book an appointment with our gentle, female dentist. We will ensure you have an experience that is as comfortable as possible.

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